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Preprints & Submitted

  1. Shvartzman B, Ram Y. Self-Replicating Artificial Neural Networks Give Rise to Universal Evolutionary Dynamics.

  2. Kohanovski I, Pontz M, Dahan O, Pilpel Y, Yona AH, Ram Y. Aneuploidy can be an evolutionary detour on the path to adaptation.

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  5. Galke L, Ram Y, Raviv L. What makes a language easy to deep-learn?. arXiv. DOI: 10.48550/arXiv.2302.12239

  6. Pontz M, Stana R, Ram Y. Fixation probability and fixation time under strong recurrent mutation. EcoEvoRxiv. DOI: 10.32942/X23P4Z

Published & Accepted

  1. Lobinska G, Pilpel Y, Ram Y. (2023) Phenotype switching of the mutation rate facilitates adaptive evolution. Genetics. DOI:10.1093/genetics/iyad111

  2. Caspi I, Meir M, Ben Nun N, Abu Rass R, Yakhini U, Stern A, Ram Y. (2023) Mutation Rate, Selection, and Epistasis Inferred from RNA Virus Haplotypes via Neural Posterior Estimation. Virus Evolution. DOI:10.1093/ve/vead033

  3. Avecilla G, Chuong JN, Li F, Sherlock G, Gresham D, Ram Y. (2022) Neural networks allow efficient and accurate simulation-based inference of evolutionary parameters from adaptation dynamics. PLOS Biology. DOI:10.1371/journal.pbio.3001633

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  7. Kolodny O, Feldman MW, Lotem A, Ram Y. (2022) Differential application of cultural practices at the family and individual levels may alter heritability estimates. Behavioral and Brain Sciences. DOI:10.1017/S0140525X21001576

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Software & Datasets

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